• Features

    • Online Double Conversion Design
    • High Input Power Factor
    • Wide Input Voltage Range
    • Automatic Bypass
    • Intelligent RS232 Communication Port
    • UPS Management Software
    • External SNMP, USB or Dry Contacts (optional)
    • External Battery Bank for increased Hold Up Time (optional)
    • 19” Rack Mounting 1KVA 2U, 2KVA & 3KVA 4U, 6KVA 5U + 3U Battery
    • Rack & 10KVA 5U + 2 X 3U Battery Racks
    • Can also be mounted as stand alone tower unit.
    • Fitted with Yuasa NPW45 Series batteries, optional 10 year life versions
    • 5 year warranty (excluding batteries, unless 10 year life versions fitted)
    1-10kVA; Single Output; Double Online Conversion UPS; 19" Rack Mount/Stand Alone Format


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