• Features

    • Designed for long life at full power
    • Excellent dynamic response to load changes
    • Protected against all over load and short circuit conditions
    • EMC surpasses CE requirements:low emission & high immunity
    • Low au dible noise: fans are temperature controlled
    • Available options: High Speed Programming, Interfaces, Extra Isolation,
    • Sequencer, Digital Encoders, Power Sink etc.
    800W; Output Voltages up to 400VDC; Output Currents up to 80ADC; Single Phase AC Input Voltage; Active PFC; Output Voltages & Currents Programmable from 0-100%; Series & Parallel Operation with Voltage & Current Sharing Options: Increased Output Power, High Speed Programming, 2-Quadrant Power Sink, Digital Voltage & Current Settings, High Voltage Isolation, Secured Voltage & Current Settings, Sequencer, Front Panel Outputs, 19" Rack Mounting Adapter Software Control & Interfaces: 0-5VDC Analogue, Ethernet (incl. sequencer), RS232, IEEE488, PROFIBUS, CANBUS, ISO AMP CARD (isolated analogue)


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