• Features

    • Low 1” Profile
    • High Power Density
    • 2.0” by 4.0” Footprint
    • 120W Convection-cooled Rating
    • 180W Force Cooled Rating
    • Medical & ITE Approvals
    • Class I and Class II Applications
    • High Efficiency, up to 94%
    • Less than 0.5W No Load Input Power
    • Built-In Fan Supply
    • Low Earth Leakage Current
    • 5000m Operating Altitude
    The ECP180 series has been designed to minimise no load power consumption and maximise efficiency facilitating equipment design to meet the latest environmental legislation and minimising power loss and heating within equipment enclosures. Approved for medical and ITE applications, this range of single output AC/DC power supplies are packaged in an ultra-low profile 1” height with a foot print of just 2.0” by 4.0”. The ECP180 series is suitable for for us in both class I and class II applications. The ECP180 provides up to 180W force-cooled or 120W convection-cooled leading to very high power densities of 22W/in3 or 15W/in3 respectively. A 12V, 500mA fan supply is included in the design. The power supply contains two fuses and low leakage currents as required by medical applications and is safety approved to operate in a 70 °C ambient. The low profile and safety approvals covering ITE and medical standards for both class I and class II applications along with conducted emissions meeting EN55011/32 level B allow the versatile ECP180 series to be used in a vast range of applications.


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