• Features

    • Low Profile, Compact Size
    • Suitable for 1U Applications
    • 900 W Peak Power Rating for 100 ms
    • Universal 80 - 264 VAC Input (300 VAC for 5 s)
    • IT/Industrial & Medical (2 x MOPP) Safety Approvals
    • 5 V/3 A Standby Output
    • 1.0 W Standby Power
    • Intelligent Fan Speed Control
    • -40° C to +70° C Operation
    • PowerFail, Inhibit, Remote Sense & Current Share
    • 3 Year Warranty
    The GSP750 offers a full 750 W of output power in a very small mechanical footprint while providing peak power to up to 900 W, a 5 V standby output with 3 A current capability and an input standby power draw of <1.0 W when the inhibit is activated. Approved for both IT/Industrial and medical applications the series has output versions from 12 V to 48 V. Cooling fans are intelligently controlled to reduce accoustic noise in the system and the GSP750 provides up to 50 W without forced cooling, allowing the fans to be switched off, providing silent running during periods of lower system loading or system standby conditions.


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